European Federation of IASP® Chapters

European Federation of IASP® Chapters

Ponedeljek, 18.Oktober 2010

What is EFIC?

The European Federation of IASP® chapters (EFIC®) is a multidisciplinary professional organization in the field of pain science and medicine, made up of the 31 European Chapters of National Pain Societies of IASP (International Association for the Study of Pain). Established in 1993, EFIC’s 31 constituent chapters represent Pain Societies from 31 countries and close to 20.000 scientists, physicians, nurses, physiotherapists, psychologists and other healthcare professionals across Europe, who study pain and treat patients suffering from pain.

EFIC’s Aim

EFIC’s aims are to advance research, education, clinical management and professional practice related to pain, and to serve as an authoritative, scientifically based resource concerning policy issues related to pain and its management.

EFIC Activities

  • The European Journal of Pain (EJP) The European Journal of Pain published since January 1997, is ranked no.5 in the category Anaesthesiology by ISI*(© Thomson Reuters Journal Citation Reports, Science Edition (2010)). It currently publishes 10 volumes per year and is cited in Pub Med and other leading scientific reference facilities on the web. For more information on the EJP, please consult the website . The online subscription to the EJP is free of charge for EFIC National society Members andcan be claimed by registering for at the official EFIC website. More information on the printed version of the EJP can be found on
  • The “Europe against Pain” initiative (EAP) Launched in 1991 at the European Parliament, the concept behind the “Europe against Pain” (EAP) initiative is to focus on activities at European Union level, in order to use EU institutions and programs in the field of public health to leverage our efforts at influencing knowledge, opinion, and ultimately policy and practice concerning pain at both pan-European and national levels. This initiative brings together pain professionals, patients and industry to work towards the common objective through the agreed modalities. These partnerships undertake educational and European public affairs activities with the view to raise the profile of pain on future health agendas in Europe. This is achieved through: Informative tools
  • The 1st. step, essential to all aspects of the EAP initiative, was the preparation of information resources on pain and its management. EFIC produces on a periodical basis and for specific campaigns, various information resources including: Briefing packets (media packs) for representatives who will meet face-to-face with EU decision makers. Compilations of existing published data on pain and its costs in Europe in an easily accessible summary format. Other information for pain patients and the general public on the steps to pain treatment.
  • Network dissemination EFIC has identified and is in contact with key decision makers in the European arena. EFIC has recruited skilled and high profile spokespersons from among the members of EFIC, who are willing to represent our message effectively. This network enables the planning across Europe of the European Week against Pain (EWAP). In addition EFIC’s bi-annual pan-European conference is an appropriate venue to announce the continuing EAP plans.
  • Awareness Campaign: The European Week against Pain Each year, EFIC holds a centrally coordinated event namely “The European Week against Pain” (EWAP). The 1st. European Week against Pain was launched at the European Parliament in 1991 and since then, European Chapters from all over Europe have held national activities each year during the defined week to gain attention amongst the medical community, the general public and local media. Each EWAP has a defined theme and EFIC provides briefing packs on that theme, so that a general message can be unified across Europe. In 2010 EFIC will promote the theme “Societal Impact of Pain”.

Pain in Europe – EFIC’s congress

Since 1995, EFIC has held 6 congresses with the next one “Pain in Europe VII” planned in Hamburg 21-24 September 2011. EFIC’s congress has become a popular forum in Europe attracting over 3.300 participants in 2009 and with an average growth of 30% for each congress. Congress participants are mainly from Europe, but with representation from 73 countries worldwide in 2009, the congress can be viewed as an international educational exchange on pain issues. For further information on the next congress, please consult the website: or

EFIC Educational initiatives

Fellowship for Eastern European countries: Individual fellowships for medical doctors supporting a 3-6 months of training at important European pain centres to learn and practice clinical personnel methods in experimental pain methods or researchpain management. Application forms can be found on the EFIC website: EFIC International Pain Schools: are basic–level courses aimed at young European medical doctors and paramedical personnel who are interested in the field of pain and want to get more experience. These are at least 5 days international schools regarding basic treatment of pain patients and all aspects of pain development. To be eligible for the school you need to be an EFIC Chapter member. Successful applicants may be eligible for a grant. Master Classes: ITEM (IntraThecal EFIC Master Class) advanced-level courses aimed at European medics who have at least 2 year’s experience in intrathecal drug delivery. Medical doctors and nurses with several years experience with intrathecal analgesia and an endorsement from the Head of Department may also be eligible. All courses will be taught in English so proficiency in English is required. Successful applicants may be eligible for a travel and accommodation grant. Application forms are available on the EFIC website:

EFIC Grünenthal Grant (EGG) for Research

EFIC Grünenthal Research Grant is a bi-annual grant of 100.000 €. The aim of the grant is to support young scientists in clinical pain research for projects not sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry. Application review and rewarding of grant is undertaken by the EFIC Research Committee. Research grants for clinical and human experimental research projects on the subject of pain, to be carried out in Europe (countries of EFIC Chapter) valued up to 30.000 € per project. The duration of the projects should be no longer than 2 years. Further information and the online application procedure can be found on the website


EFIC’s website, rebuilt in 2006 contains information on EFIC’s members, chapters, general information about pain, full information about Europe against Pain initiative, yearly activities for the European Week against Pain, EFIC publications, meetings/ congresses of EFIC and announcements of other pain meetings in Europe, plans in education and research and news alerts. Plans to include a CME accredited education and full information resources on pain are in the pipeline.


EFIC produces an online newsletter, twice per year, outlining various activities of EFIC, reports on achievements and special highlights. The renewed newsletter is only available on the website via registration.

EFIC Executive Board 2008-2011:

  • Prof. Giustino Varrassi, President – Italy
  • Prof. Serdar Erdine, Immediate Past President – Turkey
  • Prof. Hans Kress, President Elect – Austria
  • Prof. Per Hansson, Honorary Secretary – Sweden
  • Prof. Eli Alon, Honorary Treasurer – Switzerland

For any further information regarding EFIC®, please consult the EFIC website: or contact the EFIC office:

EFIC Office

Mrs. Christel Geevels
Executive Secretary
Medialaan 24
1800 Vilvoorde, Belgium
Phone: +32 2 251 55 10
Fax: +32 2 251 48 10